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Michael's Contracts Consulting Qualifications

Updated: Apr 29

Vecchio Contracts Consulting Services LLC

5098 Stop 7 Road

Whitesboro, New York 13492-4014

Telephone: 315-725-4304

Contracts Experience

Vecchio Contracts Consulting Services LLC

5098 Stop 7 Road

Whitesboro, New York 13492

Position: President & CEO – September, 2023-Present

Provide professional contracts consulting services to corporate clients in the drafting/

issuance/award/contract administration/contract closeout of Request for Proposals (RFP). Assist in contract negotiations during the contract preaward and contract award phases of the contracting cycle.

Provide professional contracts consulting services to corporate clients in the drafting/issuance/award/administration/closeout of Invitation for Bids (IFB) for Construction contracts, Mechanical Maintenance contracts, Janitorial Services contracts.

Defense Contract Management Agency – United States Department of Defense

615 Erie Boulevard West Suite 300, Syracuse, New York 13204

Position: Contract Administrator – April, 2012–December, 2018 (Retired from United States Government)

Negotiated final price agreements and delivery schedule changes with U.S. Government contractors e.g. BAE Systems, Dresser Rand Corporation.

Managed canceled funds on contracts, perform contracts funds reconciliation, contract closeout, managed database integrity, determined eligibility and verified evidence of contractor progress for approval of Government contract financing.

Monitored contractor performance for compliance with applicable laws and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

Monitored special test equipment, government provided tooling and property given to contractors during contract performance. Ensure these items are returned/accounted for during contract closeout.

Performed Contract Administration/Contract Closeout for both Firm Fixed Price and Cost Reimbursable Contracts (Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Fixed Price Incentive, Cost Plus Incentive Fee, Cost Plus Award Fee, Time and Materials – Labor Hour).

Air Force Research Laboratory – United States Department of Defense, Griffiss Business & Technology Park, Brooks Road, Rome, New York 13441

Position: Purchasing Agent – January, 2008–April, 2012

Purchased supplies/services to support mission of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Coordinated with AFRL engineers and scientists in the purchase of test measurement diagnostic equipment, computers/monitors through the Air Force Quarterly Enterprise Buy Program resulting in significant cost savings to U.S. Government, computer hardware, software, power supplies for AFRL computer systems.

Purchases made with United States Government Purchase VISA Card through U.S. Bank, Charlotte, North Carolina. Responsible for 60 individual VISA credit cards accounts and appropriate charging thereto.

Solicited competitive offers on vendor offers presented to AFRL – awarded contract to vendor offering best price/availability of supplies/services.

Requested Return Material Authorization(RMA) from vendors when damaged/defective item(s) were received. Contacted engineer/scientist requesting item and arranged for replacement.

Net Test Test, Inc. 6 Rhodes Drive, Utica Business Park, Utica, New York 13502

Position:  Contracts/Project Administrator – May, 2005–April, 2006

Prepared contracts for purchase of fiber optic equipment services such as Optical Time Domain Reflectometers, Remote Fiber Optic Monitoring Systems. Fiber Optics System Testing to customers of Net Test, Inc.

Prepared Request for Proposals and submitted to customers of Net Test, Inc. to include all contract terms/conditions of impending contract. Conducted negotiations after request for proposal issuance to finalize terms and conditions of resulting contract.

Coordinated with Marketing Department for pricing of contract proposal.

Contracts liaison to Engineering, Quality, Finance for proposal input prior to issuance of Request for Proposal to potential offerors.

Established contract milestones in accordance with customer time frames.

General Services Administration – Public Buildings Service, Up State Property Management Center, James M. Hanley Federal Building, 100 Clinton Street,

Syracuse, New York 13261

Position: Contracts Team Leader/Contracting Officer - March, 1996–February, 1998

Held Senior Level Unlimited Contracting Officer's Warrant – Authority granted to bind United States Government and its Executive Agencies on all contracts issued with my signatory authority for an unlimited contract value. This authority was granted in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations Part 1.602-2.

Supervised team of five contracts specialists in issuance of procurement solicitations.

Conducted monthly budget analysis meetings, tracked costs of all contracts for their impact on agency budget utilizing Public Building Service Budget System to ensure all contract costs remained within budgetary limits.

Managed full administration of General Services Administration VISA International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card Program (IMPAC). Maintained complete record keeping of all micro-purchases of $2,500 or less. Managed imprest fund for the Property Management Center.

Drafted/Issued Request For Proposals (RFP), Awarded, and performed Contract Administration for Architect/Engineering Services – Design to Build. Drafted/Issued follow-on Invitation For Bid (IFB) for Construction contracts (Judicial Courtrooms, Federal Building Plazas, Federal Office Renovations).

Supervised formal Invitation For Bid Openings on all Up State Property Management Center projects, awarded/signed all contracts.

Drafted/Reviewed/Approved formal Determinations & Findings to justify Sole Source/Emergency contracts awards. Contracting Officer granted this authority in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations Part 1.700.

Served as General Services Administration – Public Buildings Service Representative – GSA Small Business Program.

Achievements – General Services Administration Superior Performance Awards–(Monetary award given to the Contracting Officer).

Contracting Officer's Final Decision Letter to General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals at Headquarters-United States General Services Administration, Washington, D.C. in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations Part 33.211. This letter was written and sent to one of the General Services Administration-Public Buildings Service Mechanical Maintenance Contractors headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Contractor billed the United States Government for $90,000 in fraudulent contract costs by performing work either outside the scope of the contract or did not have the explicit approval of the Contracting Officer to perform. Final Decision Letter to the GSA Board of Contract Appeals, Washington, D.C., resulted in recoupment of $76,000 in fraudulent contractor charges returned to the United States Government.

Contracting Officer conversion of Janitorial Service contracts to Performance Based Contracting Methods - resulting in $800,000 cost savings for the General Services Administration Up State Property Management Center. Contracting Officer given 12 month time period to complete full conversion–Actual conversion of all Janitorial Service contracts completed in 8 months.

A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. 1500 Genesee Street, Utica, New York 13502

Position: Financial Consultant – April, 1999-December, 2002

Reviewed/assessed client asset investment portfolios including Traditional/Roth IRA accounts/Corporate 401(k) holdings to advise on retirement planning/asset preservation.

Conducted Financial Consultant Advisor investment recommendations to clients with various investments based on client net worth, my fiduciary relationship with client and client's tolerance for risk.

Presented/recommended Private Money Management Services to individual clients with assets in excess of $100,000. Assisted in selection of appropriate money manager(s) based on client long-term investment objectives and risk/reward tolerance.

Presented retirement planning seminars at Herkimer County BOCES, Herkimer County Community College, various pension retiree organizations.

Held Series 7 General Securities Representative, New York State Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent State Law & New York State Life, Accident & Health Variable Insurance Annuities Licenses.

Achievement:  Chosen to appear on the PBS-TV station weekly program “Financial Fitness” - Program was aired live to entire Up State New York area. Viewers called in with questions to weekly panel guests ranging from basic investing to retirement planning/wealth estate planning. Invited to appear as a guest on the live program 3 times.

Defense Logistics Agency – United States Department of Defense, James M. Hanley Federal Building, 100 Clinton Street Syracuse, New York 13261

Position:  Contract Administrator – March, 1986 – March, 1996

Administration/Contract Closeout of defense contracts for United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines.

Chairman of $150 million Tactical Missile Defense Program – Conducted 2 Day Post Award Contract Conference at General Electric, Electronic Systems Division, Syracuse, New York. Personally addressed contracts issues/concerns and fielded questions from General Electric Engineers, Quality Assurance, Government Property and Pricing Analysts.

Managed multi–million dollar compressor overhaul/repair program in support of the Department of the Navy 600 ship naval fleet. This program directly supported the entire

Naval Ship Fleet during Operation Desert Shield and the lead-up to Operation Desert Storm. Conducted full scale contract negotiations through contract closeout.

Managed contract negotiations/follow-on contract administration/contract closeout of Lockheed Martin (formerly General Electric, Electronic Systems Division), ANSQQ 89 Sonar Ship, SQQ 30, Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) defense programs. Granted Top Secret Security Clearance from United States Department of Defense to facilitate accomplishment of duties.

Major Achievement: Personally awarded “Outstanding Support in Contract Administration” received from United States Department of the Navy-Naval Surface Force Atlantic Office, Norfolk, Virginia.-March, 1991.

Griffiss Air Force Base-Continental Communications Division, Brooks Road, Rome,

Rome, New York 13441

Position: Contract Specialist – August, 1984 – March, 1986

Conducted full scale Request for Proposals/Contract Negotiations/Contract Award/Contract Closeout to procure communications, electronics equipment, telecommunications equipment to be installed at United States Military Bases

throughout the continental United States. Issued Requests for Solicitation/Evaluation of Contractor Bids/Bid Award to telecommunications contractors (AT & T, GTE, ITT, NTI).

Conducted Post Award Conferences onsite after contract award to address contract issues/milestones.

Conducted contract administration on the Ground Launched Cruise Missile (GLCM) Project in Europe and contracted/purchased audiovisual equipment to support Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff Office.

Issued Request for Proposals/Contract Negotiations/Contract Award for United States Office of Management & Budget A-76 Cost Comparison Studies to determine cost savings of contracted services if award was made to federal employees or a contractor performing the services for the U.S. Government.

Coordinated with Engineering in order to provide clear Government specifications to prospective contractors/oversee Program Management to meet contractual milestones on U.S. Government contracts.

Achievements: Obtained an average of 10%-20% cost savings during contract negotiations.

Awarded “Professional Designation in Contract Management”

McClellan Air Force Base, Headquarters 2852D Air Base Group (AFLC),

Sacramento, California 95652

Position: Contract Negotiator – January, 1984 – August, 1984

Solicited written/verbal competitive bids in accordance with Engineering specifications from prime contractors/vendors (General Electric, Honeywell, Smith Aircraft Company, LAH Enterprises, etc.) to procure aircraft electronics equipment, metal fabrication, mechanical assemblies in support of United States Air Force-McClellan Air Force Base-Air Force Logistics Center.

Evaluated bids on a competitive basis/awarded contracts. Priced/Negotiated non-competitive procurements to effect substantial cost savings and to equitably justify predetermined pricing structure to suppliers.


Le Moyne College

Le Moyne Heights

Syracuse, New York 13214 – B.S. degree awarded May, 1979

Major: Industrial Relations

Minor(s): Business Administration & Economics

Professional United States Government Contracts Training

General Services Administration, Inter Agency Training Center, Arlington, Virginia (Commercial Contracts Professional Training) April 1996-April, 1997

Procurement Planning

Contracting for Architect/Engineer Services

Contract Termination

Construction Contracting

Types of Government Contracts

Contract Negotiation Techniques

Contracting for Services

 Price Analysis

Simplified Acquisitions

Source Selection

Air Force Institute of Technology, School of Systems & Logistics, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio 45433 (Defense Contracts Professional Training) January, 1984-February, 1996, Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA Certification Level II completed)

Management of Defense Acquisition Contracts-Basic

Management of Defense Acquisition Contracts-Advanced

Defense Contract Cost & Price Analysis

Defense Contract Negotiation Techniques

Contract Law

Procurement Fraud

Contract Administration

Intermediate Contract Administration

Introduction to Quality Assurance

Contractual Aspects of Value Engineering

Intermediate Contract Pricing

Cost Accounting Standards

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