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Contract Administration-Time is of the Essance

As a Contracts Team Leader and Contracting Officer for the General Services Administration-Public Buildings Service, I was given and gladly accepted the responsibility to convert our entire Janitorial Services contracts inventory from Traditional Contracting Methods and Practices whereby the General Services Administration dictated how all janitorial services contractors would perform cleaning services for the agency to Performance Based Contracting Methods and Practices whereby each contractor would decide how to best complete janitorial services for the agency. The Contracting Officer encouraged contractors to explore the most cost efficient means to accomplish cleaning services on their own. The conversion to Performance Based Contracting Methods and Practices, resulted in $800,000 in cost savings for the General Services Administration's Public Buildings Service. Michael Vecchio and his team were given a 12 month deadline for the conversion of all janitorial service contracts within the geographical area of the General Services Administration Up State Property Management Center that spanned an area from Rockland County in downstate New York to the Northern border of New York State. The actual conversion of all janitorial service contracts was completed in an 8 month time frame. As a result, a Contracts Achievement and Monetary Bonus award was given to Michael and his contracts team.

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Michael's Contracts Consulting Qualifications

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