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Vecchio Contracts: The Expert Contracting Consultant

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

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Michael graduated from Le Moyne College, Syracuse, New York, majoring in Industrial Relations with dual minors in Business Administration and Economics. Michael Vecchio also attended and graduated from The United States Air Force Institute of Technology ⏤ School of Systems & Logistics at Wright - Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. Vecchio has successfully negotiated contracts for the United States Department of Defense, has managed canceled funds on contracts, performed contract funds reconciliation, contract closeouts, managed database integrity, and more. In addition, Michael holds a Major Achievement: Personally awarded “Outstanding Support in Contract Administration” received from The United States Department of the Navy-Naval Surface Force Atlantic Office, Norfolk, Virginia.

Michael Vecchio is a seasoned contracting consultant renowned for his exceptional expertise in orchestrating high-stakes, million-dollar deals for the Department of Defense and masterminding the comprehensive administration of the General Services Administration VISA International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card Program (IMPAC). With an illustrious career spanning decades, Mr. Vecchio has consistently exemplified his profound knowledge of the intricacies of government contracting, his unwavering commitment to excellence, and his unshakable dedication to serving the nation.

The Machine, The Manufacturer and The Man

Michael Vecchio's professional journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the field of commercial contracting as a Contracting Officer/Contracts Team Leader with the United States General Services Administration's Public Buildings Service and Defense Contracting with various agencies within the United States Department of Defense. Over the years, he has demonstrated an unmatched ability to navigate the complex web of regulations, protocols, and requirements that define contracting and procurement. His meticulous approach to detail, combined with an innate understanding of the intricacies of the Department of Defense and the United States General Services Administration's Public Buildings Service, has led to the successful execution of numerous multi-million-dollar contracts, thereby contributing significantly to national security and defense capabilities as well as the successful execution of commercial contracts within civilian agencies of the United States Government.



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